Increase Your Support Levels With Cloud Services

Without a doubt, from a Service Provider’s perspective, managing clients from the Cloud is a god send.

Cloud based management of services not only allows for faster response times, but also for a higher quality of support to the end user. However, from the Service Provider’s angle, it allows for highly efficient operations and for one support Representative to manage and complete a much higher work load per shift compared to site work.

Take the average day of a road based IT Tech. There’s all sorts of issues to contend with, traffic, weather, road works, lazy workers taking the long way from job to job, and other unforseen issues on site such as slow computers, failing hardware and clients who are less than prepared for their IT site call. All of these issues and more are faced every day by thousands of road based IT workers, meaning blown out budgets and quotes on jobs, and lengthy delays for the customers, and increased costs for the IT Services company.

Compare this to an environment where all of the clients’ systems are Hosted, either SaaS or IaaS, the IT Contractor can access the files from anywhere, be it on an iPad with a system as simple as Teamviewer, or a SaaS system like Reckon’s Quickbooks Hosted or Xero; it allows for multiple jobs to be undertaken at once and for an instant response time.

There are many systems available too. Whether we look at Zen Desk, Asana or a full Cloud based Services suite such as Connect2Field; the choices are many, the quality is great and the costs are in some cases even Free!

Cloud Support minimises down time, increases response time and increases profits for not just the End User, but the IT Contractor or Service worker aswell.

Do Great Things In The Cloud With Asana

These days, we appreciate the simpler things in life.

Email and Social Media can sometimes feel like they are overtaking our lives, and our work day.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to cut out the clutter and the noise, to allow us to run our lives and our businesses with ease and clarity? To be simply organised?

Accessible from anywhere, by anyone and  best of all for free?

Say hello to the Cloud’s best kept secret, Asana.

Started by ex Google and Facebook founders, Asana has some serious heads at work, and some serious backing. Names such as Dustin Moskovitz (Co-Founder of Facebook) and Justin Rosenstein to name a few.

Sign in is as simple as the rest of the product. Simply navigate to the homepage, complete the very simple sign up process and you will have your very own blank canvas.

Start by adding a few Tasks, then slowly build yourself up to adding in Projects, assigning Tasks to the Projects, then assigning team members to the Tasks.

When assigned a task, the user will receive a simple email. You can also assign a task to anyone with an email address even if they don’t have Asana yet, they will receive an email inviting them to login and take control of the task.

Great for Service Companies who want a free and easy ticketing system. Or Collaborative Project teams looking to centralise their Project Management database.

Asana has been designed with speed and simplicity in mind with Dustin mentioning that if it was too difficult or slow, people simply wouldn’t use it.

The service is free for up to 30 users, when above that, there are subscriptions services available.

So what are you waiting for, get organised today!