Are you in touch with your clients?

These days with technology at such an advanced state, we can take on and complete a seemingly impossible workload. We can interact with our clients by mobile phone, video link, social media and video links.

This assists us in getting more work done from the office which is generally our technological hub. Hence it makes sense not to leave the “hub” too often, or does it?

Over working and over “techno”ing for want of a better term is making us less social beings. We are forgetting how to interact in a real social environment, as opposed to the digital interactions we are so comfortable with these days.

So make an effort, maybe set aside one morning or afternoon a week, to just catch up with your clients. Get out to their businesses and become involved, look around, talk to them. Take them out for a coffee and get them away from their “hub”. You might be surprised at what comes in from such visits!

Networking functions and meeting groups are another great way to keep your real life social and professional status in check. Join a networking group such as “BNI”, or your local Chamber of Commerce. You will not only meet a whole bunch of new like minded people, but will eventually grow your business through referral marketing, whether trying to or not. It will change your mind set and grow your contact base.

So whilst we all enjoy the comfort of our own “hubs”, are we still as in touch with our clients as we think we are?

Would love to hear some discussion around this.